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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tria Laser Hair Removal Coupon 2013

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The Tria laser hair removal is about $395 but they are having a special where you can get this for half off split into two payments. You can have it delivered for $195

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This is an FDA approved laser that works based on a huge customer fan base. Tria communicates online with their customers. There are a lot of positive reviews.

This is the most advanced Laser hair removal system on the market. We finally have the technology to treat unwanted hair without going to the doctor. This is a breakthrough in technology. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal is the leading nonsurgical cosmetic procedure for women ages 34 and under, and the third most popular nonsurgical procedure for women ages 35 and over.

Lasers are the only reliable method for permanent hair reduction. Flashlamp devices like IPLs (Intense Pulsed Light devices) are not lasers, do not deliver the same results as lasers, and require consistent follow-up to maintain results.

As Seen On TV Hair Removal

Tria Blue Light Review

Tria Blue Light Review

TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light.Ships free within 24 hours.Results guaranteed or your money back.1-year warranty.Easy Returns.

TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light. Order Today with Easy Pay!

The Tria Blue Light Therapy

The blue light therapy started in 2002.  This is a very safe skin treatment.  The light will clear any bacteria on your face in areas where most treatments cant reach.  There are no side effects like benzol peroxide.

When you use the blue light several times a week your skin will start clearing up in as little as 7 days.  After 2 weeks, your complexion will be brighter and smoother as well as more toned.

With the Skin Perfecting Blue Light by Tria you will have a healthy glow.  No bumps, blemishes, and large pores.  

This light is more responsive to acne than Accutane.  A very harsh chemical.  Everyone's results will not be the same but the light therapy is safer on your skin.

Tria is very communicative with their customers online and the reviews show it.  Customers who have had bad acne since their teens are now posting positive reviews online about the lifesaving Tria Blue Light for acne.

The only drawback about the light is that the battery will only last 30 minutes on full charge or three treatments.

If you have severe acne it may take more time and patience to see clear skin.

Here is a customer review:

"If you use it for a long time on the spots where you need it (maybe 7-10 minutes a day--with breaks, of course--on each problem area, which can be done while watching TV etc.), it will really help a lot. *Warning: the following is gross...* I had a huge and disgusting pimple that was not responding to anything: not the best masques and spot treatments in my arsenal, and not even to attempted popping. Suffice it to say, this thing was frustrating and nasty. I used the Tria on it for 3 days, 8 minutes a day right on the spot. By day 3 it was dry, and by today (day 4) it is fully healed and gone, with nothing but a tiny flat scab in its place. I know I would have had a much grosser, more painful, and more difficult-to-hide situation if I had let that thing fester or attempted to treat it with my other products. I have the TRIA to thank."

TRIA Skin Perfecting Blue Light.
Ships free within 24 hours.
Results guaranteed or your money back.
1-year warranty.
Easy Returns.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Home Laser Hair Removal

TRIA Hair Removal Laser .Ships free within 24 hours.Results guaranteed or your money back.1-year warranty.Easy Returns
TRIA Hair Removal Laser. Half price with Easy Pay - $195 today!

You have heard the Buzz about Home laser hair removal. Here are some faqs:

How Does it feel?
Some customers say they feel a slight warming sensation and others do not. Tria Beauty Hair removal works by targeting the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair to generate heat that disables each follicle. If you feel any sensation at all this will probably go away in time.

Does it hurt?
The feeling is about the same as a treatment you would get In-office. A small rubberband being snapped against the skin is a good analogy
How Often do you use it?
Once every other week for the first three months following one treatment per month for five months.

How Soon Will I see Results?

After just one month:
Not much visible change.
Results after 2 months:
Results. The hair will begin to lighten and become finer.
Results after 3 months:
Progressive results. You will begin to see a visible reduction in the amount of regrowth.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How To Use Tria Beauty Hair Removal System

I was very excited to try out and be able to laser at home. The system comes in a white carrying case, with a charger and a skin sensor. Because Tria is a high-tech device, there’s an important instructions packet and FAQ included. These are both definite reads to know exactly how to use the system safely and correctly, so I made sure to read them both carefully.

TRIA Hair Removal Laser. Half price with Easy Pay - $195 today!

Safety First

After charging the system, you have to activate it. Either by calling 1-877-321-TRIA or by doing so on-line (only once) to ensure you can safely use it. Otherwise Tria will not turn on.

First, I had to make sure my skin was light enough. You place the skin sensor on your skin and then turn it on- if it turns green you’re within the right skin tone. If it turns red, your skin is too dark and you can’t use it. For good reason, dark skin tones can't use Tria with possibly of getting burned, scarred or blistered. I was sure my skin was well within the skin tone range, and the light did turn green.

Your skin tone is so important that the green sensor is placed on the panel on the front of the Tria to unlock it for use. Although this system is definitely not a toy, it made a special beep when it unlocked. I felt special access with a ‘key’, like on Star Trek.

A patch test is recommended 24 hours before using, to see if you have any adverse reactions. I tested it on my bikini line, and didn’t have any reactions that day or the following.

Using Tria Laser Hair Removal System

I decided to try it on my bikini line, and shaved the area before using as per the instructions. You can’t wax or use any other method that pulls out the hair follicle six weeks before using Tria, because the laser needs some hair underneath the skin to target.

You place the system on your skin and it will ‘beep’, keep holding it there with complete contact with the skin, and then it will ‘beep’ again- letting you know that section is completed. If what should be the second ‘beep’ is a 'buzz', then the laser wasn’t completed on that section of skin, and you have to re-do it. You then can work your way through the area moving horizontally (right or left) by overlapping what you just 'zapped' by ¼”. Once you finish horizontally, then you do the same vertically (up and down) so you are less likely to have missed a spot. If you cover the area thoroughly, the company says you will have about 50 beeps per 1 square inch of skin.

It doesn’t take an exhausting amount of time, I did my bikini area in about a half hour or so. But if you’re impatient and are not holding the Tria down all the way down on the skin and getting 'buzzes' instead of 'beeps', then it will take you a lot longer than necessary. A large area like your legs could be pretty time consuming.

Did It Hurt?

I never had professional laser hair removal, so I didn’t know quite what to expect from Tria as far as pain. The bikini area is a bit more sensitive than other parts of the body. I want the best results, so I used the highest setting (Tria has 3 settings) and the one more likely to feel the burn. It felt like a small snap, and a bit of heat- but not what I would call pain. However, when I got to the last inch deep into my bikini line, I did turn the setting down one level because it hurt a little.

Does Tria Hair Removal System Work?

After two weeks when first using the system on my bikini line some of the hairs started to come out, and continued to come out for the next week. Some hairs on their own, others with the help of sugar scrub. It was like you could tell the hairs that were going to fall out because they were shorter than the rest. I’m going to continue to use the system every 3 weeks for a total of 6 - 8 times. The real test is going to be how long the hair stays away, or the thickness of the hair if it does grow back in, so I’ll keep you updated.

What Are the Results?

I’ve done three treatments to my bikini line using the Tria, and have to say I’m very impressed so far. Giving an eyeball estimate, I would say there has been about a 70% reduction in hair where I used the highest setting (Tria has three settings). Mostly all hairs making up that 70% hair reduction aren't growing in, very few within that same group have grown back so fine and light that you can't see them, but can feel them a bit when touching the skin.

Where the medium setting was used deeper in my bikini line, I would say the hair reduction is more like 55% - 60%. A lower percentage was expected because the second setting gives off less heat to destroy the hair follicle. I never used the lowest setting anywhere in my bikini line.

Tria Pain Factor

Laser hair removal is supposed to get less uncomfortable the more times you get the treatments because some hairs are already destroyed. Now everyone is different, but that didn’t happen with me. All three treatments were the same amount of discomfort. The bikini area is a very sensitive zone, so that may have something to do with it. I wouldn’t call the feeling exactly painful, but don’t make the same mistake I did and use the laser when you’re getting ready for bed. It’s not really something you would find relaxing.

Cordless Laser: Convenience or Hassle?

Tria needs to be charged, so it can be used cordless. I did like that when you have to twist and turn the laser to different angles there are no cords getting in the way, and no need to worry about being close to an outlet. The challenge is that you only get about ½ hour of time to use the laser, and it needs to be charged again. Re-charging the device takes about two hours, so if you’re treating big areas like your legs, the sessions would be cut into many times.

Tria Laser Reviews

This device is approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction for home use on the legs, bikini line, underarms, feet, arms, hands, chest, and back. Multiple treatments are required for the best results.

TRIA Beauty.
FREE shipping.
FREE returns.
FREE 30-day money back guarantee.
FREE 1-year warranty.

How Does Tria Laser Work?

A diode laser uses beams of light heat on the follicles to disable them. The latest model has five adjustable settings from low to high (previous models had three). The highest setting uses the most heat, and will give better results.

Who Can Use It?

Those with light skin tones (white, ivory, beige and light brown) can safely use Tria. The system comes with a skin sensor that will test your skin tone and determine if it's light enough to use. Only if your skin passes with a green light, will the laser unlock for use. Scarring, blistering and burning can result if it's used on skin tones that are too dark.

Because this laser is targeting dark pigment, white, gray, blond or red hair will not benefit from using the system. Even if the hair is darkened with color, the hair follicle won't absorb enough laser light to be effective.

Does Tria Laser Hurt?

That depends on a lot of factors, and everyone has their own tolerance to pain/discomfort. You might feel more pain if you have sensitive skin, or very dark or thick hair. Using the highest setting will also produce more heat, and of course, more likely to give you pain or discomfort. The first time using the laser is usually the most uncomfortable, and then subsides with further uses for most people.
How Effective Is It?

Hair grows in different stages: growing, resting and shedding. Because all of the hair isn't on the same stage at any given time, multiple treatments are needed to get the hair in the growth phase, for the laser to be most effective. So 6-8 treatments are recommended, 2- 4 weeks apart.

Laser hair removal can lead to permanent hair reduction, and on January 11, 2010 the Tria system was FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction. Users of Tria laser reported "70% reduction in the amount of hair after just three treatments. Hair that did grow back was perceived to be finer and lighter," according to the information packet provided by the company that makes Tria.

Where Can I Get Tria Laser?

Aesthetic physician offices, Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, Fred Segal in Santa Monica and select Bliss Spas carry Tria. For a complete list, go to their store locator page or more conveniently, buy direct on-line.

How Much Does it Cost?

Initially the price was $995 when released in early 2008. February 24, 2009 a new version replaced the old one boasting a 20% reduction in price at $795, and quicker treatments with the laser firing two times faster. As of Feb 14, 2010 the price is $595.
How Long Does it Last?

Tria Beauty Company points out that its latest model (with five settings) is capable of delivering over 200,000 pulses (500 charges with each charge delivering 400 laser pulses) and sufficient for most women to treat their entire body. When it runs out, you would need to buy another device.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

We would all love to get rid of hair one place or another, and say good-bye for all eternity. But, is permanent hair removal something you can get?

Here's the fact: There is no 100% guaranteed permanent hair removal method. Electrolysis is approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal, and has the best overall results over any other method for ridding hair for long periods of time, or even permanently. But studies have shown it doesn't give everyone these permanent results.

TRIA Hair Removal Laser. Half price with Easy Pay - $195 today!

You not only have to watch out for products you see on the Internet, even professional treatments guaranteeing you'll be hair free forever.

Isn't Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Some laser centers make it sound that you'll never have to be reunited with your hair again, just by getting the right amount of visits with their machine. As to date, there is no laser equipment that has been approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal. However, the FDA has approved laser hair removal machines like Tria Beauty with permanent hair reduction because it can rid hair on the right candidates for long periods of time, with multiple treatments.

Hair growing back at some point is still possible, whether it's a reduced amount, finer version, or combination of both. According to The Mayo Clinic, lasers can reduce hair counts 40% to 80%.

Other hair removal methods may also reduce the amount of hair over time. Repeated tweezing, waxing, sugaring, and threading can damage the hair follicle to the point where it no longer grows hair.

Home Laser Hair Removal - Is it Safe?

Until now zapping hair away permanently meant going to a doctor's office or spa. But now it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

The Tria is the FIRST FDA approved device for permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal works with high intensity light working at about half the strength as the doctors office. There are still a long list of warnings for the device and it can be dangerous if pointed at your eyes.

TRIA Hair Removal Laser. Half price with Easy Pay - $195 today!

A series of professional laser hair removal treatments cost about $1000 per section but the Tria Beauty can be used many times for the same price.

Here is the Tria Beauty at home laser hair removal machine on the news: