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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Home Laser Hair Removal

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You have heard the Buzz about Home laser hair removal. Here are some faqs:

How Does it feel?
Some customers say they feel a slight warming sensation and others do not. Tria Beauty Hair removal works by targeting the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair to generate heat that disables each follicle. If you feel any sensation at all this will probably go away in time.

Does it hurt?
The feeling is about the same as a treatment you would get In-office. A small rubberband being snapped against the skin is a good analogy
How Often do you use it?
Once every other week for the first three months following one treatment per month for five months.

How Soon Will I see Results?

After just one month:
Not much visible change.
Results after 2 months:
Results. The hair will begin to lighten and become finer.
Results after 3 months:
Progressive results. You will begin to see a visible reduction in the amount of regrowth.

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